Patience Required for Growing Orchids


If you want to grow a large, beautiful orchids in the garden, prepare to be patient!  This week our orchids with the cumbersome name "Dendrobium Gracilicaule" (actually a shortened form of the full name, Dendrobium speciosum-gracilicaule specio kingianum, which is a hybrid of two other orchids) were in full bloom, after over 10 years of tender care in our garden.  The plant, which is now large enough to be considered a landscaping hedge, began as a single small plant. Clearly it is happy in its current environment, which requires shade with partial indirect light and watering once per week.  It also has a lovely sweet lemony aroma.  Unlike some heartier orchids, the delicate flowers only last a few weeks, though, so enjoy them while you can!

For beautiful orchids and other exotic plants, we recommend either The Tropics on Santa Monica Blvd. or La Cienega Nursery on, well, La Cienega, both in West Hollywood.  That, and a lot of patience!


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