Figue Restaurant, La Quinta, California

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Figue Restaurant

Guests having a drink from the bar at Figue are likely to notice the unusual facing that covers the bar front and other surfaces in the restaurant: a sensuous pattern that alternates rustic wood boards and polished green onyx in a herringbone pattern.  This mix of textures – contrasting the rustic with the refined – is emblematic of the design philosophy for the restaurant; that is, a dialogue between the casual and the sophisticated.  Likewise, the design draws from two main cultural influences: the Mediterranean culture that inspires the cuisine, and the mid-century modern era of design that is so important to the history of nearby Palm Springs.  The design aesthetic is therefore at the intersection of these four influences – fine dining, casual comfort, old-world tradition and modernist sophistication.

FINALIST: 2013 Gold Key Award - Best Restaurant Fine Dining